Saturday, 7 April 2012

Florida Properties “Off the Shelf”

Canadians are by far the largest purchases of Florida real estate, accounting for 38% of the 25% of all Florida homes sold to non-residents.
Still one of the largest barriers to investing is the uncertainty of investing at a distance. Another is coming up with the right team to pull your project together: Converting distressed sales to top performing investments takes a whole team of professionals, from Realtors to contractors, rental agents and managers and tax professionals.
We have been privileged to have built portfolios in a number of properties in Tampa representing a mix of everything from student housing to luxury homes. In the majority of cases we have purchased from banks and fully renovated the units prior to renting them (Such as this 1 bedroom unit below)

This allows Clients to buy similar deals “Off the Shelf” with a greater degree of certainty as to the results they will obtain, not only in terms of the property and rents, but also the performance of contractors and other professionals involved in the deal
Any agent can tell you what they think it will cost to renovate a unit or what they believe it might rent for or how long it will take. If they are not responsible for the whole project or have never done one before, how would they really know ?
In providing project management we are accountable for the entire process from acquisition to rental. The whole process flows seamlessly and efficiently, providing excellent times from acquisition to occupancy.
Here is the same unit which had basic renovations and which secured a leading rent of $ 975. within a month of acquisition.